CMC 2018 MP Capture

The scores above reflect the best ever results achieved by Canadian Competitors at a Canadian Memory Championship. For more details on how we calculated these points please check the link below.

2018 Millennium-points-of-the-Canadian-Memory-Championships


Francis Blondin est l’athlète de mémoire le plus fort au Canada. Il détient les records canadiens de mémoire  aux mots aléatoires, aux cartes éclair et aux numéros éclair.

Francis Blondin is our top Canadian Memory Athlete with his National Memory Records at Speed Cards and Random Words and Numbers.

Darren Michalczuk Capture

Along with Francis, Darren Michalczuk is the only other Canadian Memory Athlete who managed to earn a top 3 standing in 3 of the 4 Disciplines of the Canadian Memory Championships, and he currently holds the Canadian Memory Record for Names.



Eric Li and Braden Adams managed to make it in the top 5 memory athletes in at least 3 of the 4 Memory Disciplines of the Canadian Memory Championships.


National Rankings for Random Words, Speed Cards,Names and Faces,  and Speed Numbers:

Rang national pour les Cartes éclair, Mots aléatoires Noms et visages et Numéros éclair:

2017 top 10 Capture

Top 10 SN and Names Capture

Open Section Rankings/ Les meilleurs de la Section ouverte:

top 5 open section








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