International Section

The International Section of the Canadian Memory Championship is a new friendly memory competition that we plan on running yearly starting this May. This year we are planning our first event for the weekend of May 6 and 7, 2019.

This International Section is open to everyone. To register, please send  us your International Section Registration form completed at [email protected] . We will send you a confirmation email.

The International Section of the Canadian Memory Championships is a self-administered memory test. We provide the 3 pages of numbers you will be attempting to memorize. They will be in this format: 2017-12-digits20X28 with each page containing 672 numbers. We will provide two sets of these numbers so that you can take the test a second time if you wish.

You are responsible for setting up and running your memory test. You may ask for assistance from friends or family to download the 4 pages of number sheets and to time you. The time is 15 minutes of memorization and 45 minutes of recall.

You correct by giving one point for each number that is correctly recalled. Any score on any line that amounts to less than 3 points is eliminated (this is to avoid having competitors just filling lines with random numbers.)

All results must be received by the end of the day on Sunday May 7.