2019 CMC Registration

The registration for the 2019 Canadian Memory Championships is now open.

The competition will take place September 1 in Toronto.

It will feature 4 Memory Disciplines (Words, Numbers, Faces and Cards) and we also plan for a separate Mental Math Challenge.

To register please just fill the form below and send it back to us at canadianmemorychampionships.ca


Thank you for your interest in memory sports!


4 thoughts on “2019 CMC Registration

  1. Valérie Grenon

    Comment doit-on vous faire parvenir le formulaire d’inscription une fois rempli?

    Courriel? Poste?


  2. Simon Luisi Post author

    Yes, there will be two sections: one for Canadians only and another open to anyone. All the Memory Disciplines are the same but the scores are reported on different score sheets. The Open Section offers no cash prize to the winner but there will still be a medal. Last year, Livan Grijalva came from the USA to participate and won the Open Section.

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