2018 CMC Registration

The official registration for the 2018 Canadian Memory Championships is now open.

Registration for CMC 2018

Registration-for-CMC-2018 pdf


Formulaire d’inscription pour CMC 2018

Formulaire dinscription pour CMC 20181

The 2018 Canadian Memory Championships will take place Saturday afternoon Sept. 1, 2018, in Toronto, Ontario, and will last about 4 hours. The venue will be the Trireme Academy 1850 Victoria Park on the main floor, back of the building entrance.

Please send your filled application to [email protected]
Free workshop will be available in Toronto to help you  prepare for this event. For more information please [email protected]

Le Championnat canadien de la mémoire  2018 va se tenir à Toronto, Samedi le 1er September. La location est le Trireme Academy, 1850 Victoria Park au rez de chaussé, entrez par l’arrière de l’édifice.

S’il vous plait, veuillez remplir votre formulaire d’inscription et l’envoyer à [email protected]

4 thoughts on “2018 CMC Registration

  1. Valérie Grenon

    Comment doit-on vous faire parvenir le formulaire d’inscription une fois rempli?

    Courriel? Poste?


  2. Simon Luisi Post author

    Yes, there will be two sections: one for Canadians only and another open to anyone. All the Memory Disciplines are the same but the scores are reported on different score sheets. The Open Section offers no cash prize to the winner but there will still be a medal. Last year, Livan Grijalva came from the USA to participate and won the Open Section.

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