2017 Registration

The official registration for the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships is now open.

Registration for CMC 2017

PDF Registration-for-CMC-2017

Formulaire d’inscription pour CMC 2017

PDF Formulaire-dinscription-pour-CMC-2017

The 2017 Canadian Memory Championships will take place Saturday Sept. 2, 2017, in Montreal Quebec and in Edmonton Alberta simultaneously. The Montreal event will start at 1pm in room Sh-3620 of the Sherbrooke pavillon of UQAM university located at 200 Sherbrooke Ouest, near the Place-des-Arts metro station. The Edmonton event will start at 11am at the Aspen Conference Center, room 202, 10103 on 103 Avenue.
Please send your filled application to [email protected]
Help will be available for free in Montreal to help prepare anyone for this event. For details, contact Francis Blondin at [email protected] or join the new Facebook group “Mémorisation Montréal”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/247796952253411/ You can also contact the main organizer of the competition at [email protected]

Le Championnat canadien de la mémoire  2017 va se produire à Montréal et à Edmonton simultanément. À Montréal, l’événement commencera à 13h au local Sh-3620 du pavillon Sherbrooke de l’UQAM, au 200 Sherbrooke Ouest, près du métro Place-des-Arts. À Edmonton, l’événement commencera à 11h au Aspen Conference Center, local 202, au 10103 sur la 103 Avenue.

De l’aide est offerte gratuitement à Montréal pour vous aider à vous préparer pour cet événement. Pour plus d’informations, contactez Francis Blondin à [email protected] ou joignez-vous au groupe Facebook “Mémorisation Montréal”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/247796952253411/

S’il vous plait, veuillez remplir votre formulaire d’inscription et l’envoyer à [email protected]

14 thoughts on “2017 Registration

  1. Unnati Sapre

    Hi Simon,
    Is the registration for this event still open? I am quite new to memory competitions but would like to participate in the Random Words category. Could you please pm me and let me know if the registration is still open and how I can register?

  2. Fun

    just wondering how to register?
    and, any fees ? the date & location of the competition?

    THX ^v^

  3. Simon L Post author

    We’re aiming for a weekend date in June, possibly around mid-month (11th or 12th) or right after la Saint-Jean Baptist (around the 25 or26th)

  4. Anne Fortin

    Svp m’acheminer l’information sur l’inscription aux championnats ainsi qu’aux tutorials .

  5. Simon L Post author

    Bonjour Anne, si vous êtes du Québec, je vous suggère d’utiliser l’onglet “Contact” pour trouver notre contact à Montréal . Il est très possibles que Francis veuille bien organiser quelques rencontres de préparations pour les concurrents à Montréal. L’inscription n’est toujours pas ouverte et donc je vais vous donner cette information une fois qu’on ouvre l’inscription. Merci de votre intérêt au Championnat canadien de la mémoire.

  6. Valérie Grenon

    Comment doit-on vous faire parvenir le formulaire d’inscription une fois rempli?

    Courriel? Poste?


  7. Simon Luisi Post author

    Yes, there will be two sections: one for Canadians only and another open to anyone. All the Memory Disciplines are the same but the scores are reported on different score sheets. The Open Section offers no cash prize to the winner but there will still be a medal. Last year, Livan Grijalva came from the USA to participate and won the Open Section.

  8. Sunnie

    Hi Simon, I am considering attending this competition. Do you have an itinerary for that day?

  9. Simon Luisi Post author

    Hi Sunnie, if what you mean by an itinerary is an agenda, then all I can say is that I’ve finished a draft agenda yesterday. It looks like the doors will open at 12:00 and the competition will start at 1:pm and it should be finished by 5pm. The Memory Disciplines should be as follows: Names and faces, Speed Numbers, Random Words and Speed Cards.

  10. Simon Luisi Post author

    Hi Steven, only with Random Words do you have a choice of either English or French. English and French Random Words will be made available in Montreal. As far as Speed Cards is concerned, all the decks of cards that we offer are in English only. If you want to memorize cards in any other language, bring your own decks. There may be limited time to go over all the rules at the competition in both French and English, and so I would highly recommend that you make yourself familiar with the rules before the competition. (Check the Resources tab and the Memory Discipline tab.) I will answer any question at the competition in the same language in which they are asked and may or may not translate this answer.

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