Jim Gerwing dominates in Alberta with his third Alberta Memory Champion Title.


Left to right, Char, Jim, Kevin, Lily and Terry

March 31,2018–Alberta– Jim Gerwing, photographed above, wins the 2018 Alberta Memory Champion Title with a time of 3 min. 22 sec.  to memorize perfectly a full deck of shuffled cards. Congratulations! Kevin was the runner up.

A group of kids also disputed the title of 2018 Alberta Kid Memory Champion and Mackenzie Michalczuk won that event by memorizing the whole deck in 4 min. 38 sec., setting a new Kid Provincial Record in Alberta. Congratulations to her and all the other participants, Sophia Rivard, Haylie Broad, Emma Vicente.

Thanks to all the volunteer arbiters who have made this competition successful, Char, Lily, Terry, Darren.



Braden Adams wins his 3rd British Columbia Memory Championship


Chiliwack, BC-  On February 17, 2018, Braden Adams achieved what no one else in Canada has ever done: he became the first person to hold a provincial memory title for 3 years in a row. Congratulations!! Braden memorized perfectly a deck of 52 shuffled cards in 1 minute 58 seconds, equalling his own Provincial Memory Record for BC which he had set last year. Thanks to his arbiters, Ryan, Pat and Arthur for monitoring his attempt and thanks to all those who came to the Library to show their support.


2017 Provincial winners and Province bestsCapture

 2017 top 10 provinciallyCapture

kd 2017 tp5 provincial

First Ever Nova Scotia Memory Champion!

Nov. 7 , 2017 -Halifax We are proud to announce our new 2017 Nova Scotia Memory Champion: Jazzlyn Braddock.  She’s the first woman to win such a title in Canada since they started in 2014. She won by default but still planned an Oct.29/ 2017 Speed Cards memorization attempt to set a benchmark for Nova Scotia. Due to circumstances beyond her control she was not able to complete her memorization attempt but we may allow her to settle this score at a later date.
If you’d like to support our 2017 Nova Scotia Memory Champion, she currently has a trending gofundme page for her sick dog.



 2017 Canadian Memory Championship Results –East and West Combined

Résultats du Championnat de la mémoire canadien 2017 de l’Est et de l’Ouest ensemble


Montréal (1PM)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Edmonton (11AM)


Les faits saillants/ The highlights:

Félicitations à Francis Blondin pour avoir réussi à défendre son titre de Champion canadien de la mémoire, suivi de Braden Adams et d’Eric Li.



From Richmond Hill (Toronto area), Sami Rasheed took the Junior Canadian Memory Champion title away from the 2016 winner, Alex McAdam. / De Richmond Hill (Toronto), Sami s’est emparé du titre de Champion Junior du Canada 2017 en devançant le champion de l’an passé.

Once again, Noah and Mackenzie Michalczuk of West Lock, Alberta tied to share the title of Kid Memory Champion of Canada 2017. / Mackenzie et Noha Michalczuk se sont partagés encore une fois le titre de Champion kid canadien.


Overall, in the Open Section, Shaoshi Zhu faced fierce competition and finished ahead of the defending champion Reuben Hosler and Darren Michalczuk to become the 2017 Canadian Open Memory Champion. / Shaoshi Zhu a gagné devant des adversaires très redoutables la section ouverte combinée.

With 16 contestants, this was the biggest Canadian Memory Championships ever./ Avec 16 concurrents, c’était le plus gros championnat de mémoire canadien jusqu’à maintenant.

The level of the competition was also the highest it’s ever been. New Canadian Memory Championships Records were established in all 4 memory disciplines./ Quatre nouveaux records de mémoire nationaux ont été établis; la compétition était forte.

Francis Blondin a établi trois nouveaux records canadiens: 1) aux Mots aléatoires: 123 mots en 15 minutes. 2) Numéros éclair: 180 numéros en 5 minutes (il a battu son ancien record de 120 ) 3) son temps de 1 minute et 12 secondes à Cartes éclair établi aussi une nouvelle marque, battant de 50 secondes l’ancien record établi en 2015 par Greg Sutherland (2 minutes et 12 secondes) / Francis Blondin established 3 new Canadian Memory Championships Records: Random Words: 123 pts, Numbers: 180 pts, and Speed Cards: 1 min. 12 sec.

In Names, Darren Michalczuk established the new Canadian record by memorizing 36 names in 5 minutes. / Un nouveau record national avec la discipline des noms a été établi par Darren Michalczuck.

The Eastern Canadian Memory Championships 2017 Winners / Les gagnants de l’Est.

#1 Francis Blondin

#2 Jean Béland Jr

#3 Valérie Grenon

Open Section/ Section ouverte: #1 Reuben Hosler

2017 Montreal Video Speed Cards

The Western Canadian Memory Championships 2017 Winners/ Les gagnants de l’Ouest

#1 Eric Li


#2 Braden Adams


#3 Jim Gerwing


Open Section / Section Ouverte: #1 Shaoshi Zhu


Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this event run smoothly. Thanks to Paul and Max in Montreal for helping with the correction. Thanks to our sponsor Brain Magic and the couple of other anonymous sponsors. Thanks to Louis Chan for the photos. The biggest thanks certainly goes to Hua Wei Chan who volunteered to organize just about everything in Edmonton and who did a fantastic job at it.//

Un grand merci à tout les bénévoles qui ont aidé à cet événement. À Montréal, merci à Paul et Max pour leur aide avec la correction. Merci à Brain Magic pour l’aide financière ainsi qu’aux autres donateurs anonymes. Merci à Louis Chan pour les photos. Le plus gros merci doit aller à Hua Wei Chan pour offrir d’organiser la compétition à Edmonton et pour avoir fait un excellent travail.


2017 Montreal Video: Speed Cards

2017 Montreal Video Speed Cards



The poster is a courtesy of justinbrulotte.com / Le poster est un don de justinbrulotte.com

Sponsors: / Commanditaire:  brainmagic.ca

Prizes:/ Prix à gagner:

New Canadian Memory Champion : $100, 2n and 3rd overall, $50 and $50 respectively.

Champion(ne) de mémoire canadien(ne) 2017: 100$. Le 2e et 3e recevront 50$.

Books as prizes/ Livres à gagner: Moonwalking with Einstein, Make it Stick the science of successful learning, Secrets of Mental Maths, A Mind for Numbers, Peak: How to Master Almost Anything, Boostez votre mémoire, The Memory Code.

Venues: / Locations:

Montreal: 200 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, room SH-3620 (The front door may have to be kept locked. If it is locked, please wait and we’ll come down every 5 minutes or so to let people in.)

Edmonton:  Aspen Conf. Centre, #202, 10104 – 103 Avenue (Bell Tower)

Rules of conduct do apply to ensure everyone can enjoy participating in this competition.

Des règles de conduite s’appliquent pour s’assurer que tous puissent participer agréablement à cette competition.

Competition Agendas:

2017 Montreal Agenda for the CMC-1

Edmonton 2017 Agenda for the CMC

 The date of the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships is now set for Saturday September 2, 2017

For your information, we are currently planning a dual Canadian Memory Championships for 2017,  with one competition taking place in Edmonton and the other taking place simultaneously in Montreal.  This simultaneous competition, at these two locations, will feature the same  4 Memory Disciplines that we had in 2016.  In 2017, we will have our first Eastern and Western Canadian Memory Champions along with the overall new 2017 Canadian Memory Champion.

La date pour le Championnat de la mémoire canadien 2017 est maintenant fixée pour le samedi 2 Septembre 2017

Cette année, nous planifions un Championnat de la mémoire Canadien qui se produira à deux locations simultanément: Edmonton et Montréal. Quatre disciplines de mémoire seront offertes: numéros éclair, cartes éclair, 15 minutes mots aléatoires et 5 minutes noms et faces (noir et blanc). Nous allons obtenir nos premiers champions de l’est et de l’ouest et le ou la plus fort(e) obtiendra le titre de Champion de mémoire canadien 2017!


Many books will be given away as prizes at the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships!


Free Memory Tutorial Meetings

In preparation for the 2018 Canadian Memory Championship, we are organizing free memory tutorial club meetings, led by a memory technique expert. This is now a monthly meeting on Saturdays, in a downtown Toronto Library to help people improve their memories. Space is limited. Reserve your seat at [email protected] for the Toronto meetings. If you live in Montreal, you can contact Francis Blondin at [email protected] or join the Facebook group “Mémorisation Montréal” at https://www.facebook.com/groups/247796952253411

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