Congratulations to Jim Gerwing for winning the 2017 Alberta Memory Championship!

Strathcona County Public Library. Birch Room, Alberta- On March 11/ 2017, Jim Gerwing
smashed the Provincial Alberta Memory Championship Speed Cards record (on his second
attempt) to defend his title of Alberta Memory Champion for the second year in a row.
Congratulations. The new official record for Alberta is now  3:33 min. to memorize a deck of
Victorious Jim, and his great team of arbiters
mac cards
In the kid section, the 2016 kid champion of Canada, Mackenzie Michalczuk came through with a kid record 29 cards to gain the title of 2017 Kid Memory Champion of Alberta.

darren cards

Darren Michalczuk, the silver medal winner at the 2016 Canadian Memory Championships, was in hospital the day of his planned attempt. He didn’t let the fact that his official arbiters couldn’t be present to go ahead with his attempt in front of his wife and daughter. His results? Two perfect decks, 1:46 min. and the second in 1:14 min. Too bad his official arbiters weren’t there. His two attempts cannot be recognized officially by the Canadian Memory Championships. The good news is that his health is getting better.

 The date of the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships is now set for Saturday September 2, 2017

For your information, we are currently planning a dual Canadian Memory Championships for 2017,  with one competition taking place in Edmonton and the other taking place simultaneously in Montreal.  This simultaneous competition, at these two locations, will feature the same  4 Memory Disciplines that we had in 2016.  In 2017, we will have our first Eastern and Western Canadian Memory Champions along with the overall new 2017 Canadian Memory Champion.

La date pour le Championnat de la mémoire canadien 2017 est maintenant fixée pour le samedi 2 Septembre 2017

Cette année, nous planifions un Championnat de la mémoire Canadien qui se produira à deux locations simultanément: Edmonton et Montréal. Quatre disciplines de mémoire seront offertes: numéros éclair, cartes éclair, 15 minutes mots aléatoires et 5 minutes noms et faces (noir et blanc). Nous allons obtenir nos premiers champions de l’est et de l’ouest et le ou la plus fort(e) obtiendra le titre de Champion de mémoire canadien 2017!


Congratulations to Braden Adams for Winning the 2017 BC Memory Championship!

Vancouver-  Braden Adams successfully defended his title for the second year in a row against a couple of challengers with a new British Columbia Provincial record at Speed Cards recalling perfectly a shuffled deck of cards memorized in just 1 minute and 58 seconds. Awesome! One of the best time ever in the history of the Provincial Memory Championships. Congratulations to all the participants!

2017 Provincial Memory Championships- Alberta- Registration is now open and closes Feb. 28/2017

Provincial Memory Championships- British Columbia-

If you live in British Columbia,  please see the details of this competition in the Resources tab under the Arbiter Check List or contact us at [email protected]

Board Member Drewe McIver, twice BC Memory Champion, is organizing a local competition in Vancouver for 11 AM, Feburary 19 at the Vancouver Public Library. Defending champion Braden Adams plans to defend his title at that competition.




Les Resultats du Championnat provincial du Québec 2016

Merci a Francis Blondin Gravel pour ce rapport du Championnat de mémoire du Québec 2016:


Le samedi 16 Juillet 2016- Montréal – Les résultats de la compétition
– Monsieur Frédéric Leclair a clairement le potentiel de tous nous battre, mais égaler ses records personnels sous pression n’est pas chose facile et il a dû se contenter d’une 4e place.
– Monsieur Micaël Boulet a fait une solide 3e place avec 80 mots en 15 minutes (3 erreurs plus 3 fautes ramènent le score à 47), 80 décimales en 5 minutes (score de 70 à cause d’une erreur) et un jeu de cartes en 3 minutes et 43,77 secondes.
– Monsieur Reuben Hosler a fait 60 mots, 130 décimales et un jeu de cartes en 1 minute et 25,44 secondes. Aucune erreur. Il aurait gagné si on comptait les points de la même façon qu’au “World Memory Championships”.
– Je me suis sauvé in extremis avec la victoire avec 76 mots (116 mots mémorisés avec plusieurs erreurs), 140 décimales et un jeu de cartes en 2 minutes 38.10 secondes.

Thanks to Francis for the above report: Here is a summary:
The winner and the new 2016 Quebec Memory Champion is Francis Blondin Gravel with a Speed Card time of 2 min and 38 seconds. Congratulations. A big thank to Olga Plakhova and Guillaume Boutin for volunteering as arbiters.



Free Memory Tutorial Meetings

In preparation for the 2017 Canadian Memory Championship, we are organizing free memory tutorial club meetings, led by a memory technique expert. This is now a monthly meeting on Saturdays, in a downtown Toronto Library to help people improve their memories. Space is limited. Reserve your seat at [email protected] for the Toronto meetings. If you live in Montreal, you can contact Francis Blondin at [email protected] or join the Facebook group “Mémorisation Montréal” at https://www.facebook.com/groups/247796952253411

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  1. Emmanuel Martin-Jean

    Hello ! I wanted to know if the championship is an open event ? I would like to film and interview people in for a documentary project.

    Thank you.

  2. Simon Luisi

    Yes, spectators are welcome and you can bring a camera with you. You are free to talk to contestants but they are also free not to talk to you; typically, memory athletes prefer to be left alone in the minutes prior to the competition to save their mental energies.

  3. Selim

    Hi ! I am Selim I am interesting with Memory championships I am from Afghanistan But leaving in Turkey. I was attend on Turkey Memoriad Championship which take place on first of October in İstanbul. I make the first degree on speed cards category by 72. second. Now I want to attend to 2017 Canada Memory Championship Could you direct me what must I do Now.
    Thanks already for your help.

  4. Simon Luisi

    Hi Selim, the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships does not have a definite date or location set yet and the registration is not open yet. I will notify you once we open the registration.

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