The 2019 Canadian Memory Championships will take place on Sunday,  September 1 at the Trireme Academy, 1850 Victoria Park.

The registration for this event will open very soon.



The Provincials 2018Capture

Here are all the winners of this year’s Provincial Memory Championships. New records were established: In Manitoba, David Russell doubled his previous record of 21 cards and in Alberta, Jim Gerwing shaved 11 seconds from his previous record.  Congratulations!




Ezequiel Valenzuela is the 2018 Canadian Memory Champion


The 2018 Canadian Memory Championship



Sept. 2/2018 –-Ezequiel Valenzuela, 17 years old,  is the new 2018 Canadian Memory Champion.  He led the pack after the first Memory Discipline and never looked back. He set 2 new Canadian Memory Records: One in Random Numbers (222) and the other at Speed Cards (56 sec.)

In second place came Eric Li, who also managed to finish first in Random Words.

In third place yesterday was Jim Gerwing, the Alberta Memory Champion, who won a tie braker with Jing Shi.

In the Junior Section, Joshua Parungao succeeded in edging one opponent  to become the new Canadian Junior Memory Champion. (Ezequiel had requested to participate in the Adult Section)

In the Kid Section, Max Feng memorized 17 digits to take the title of 2018 Canadian Kid Memory Champion of Canada.

In the Open Section, Grand Master of Memory Johnny Briones won first place and set a new Canadian Open Section record at Random Words, memorizing 153 Words in 15 minutes.

In the end, we had a fun Mental Math Challenge, an addition, and Ten Wang finished first.

Congratulations to all the winners.

The 15 participants in one location that we had on Sept. 1 was also a record for us. Memory Sports are gaining in popularity.

A big thank you for this event must go to The Trireme Academy and especially Allan Hernandez and his team for the venue, a gym, which really helped to help spread the idea that memory is something you can train and get better at just like any other sport discipline.

Also deserving a big thank is the board of the Canadian Memory Championships  made up of dedicated volunteers and other volunteers who calculated the scores, brought refreshments, prepared Rewards, etc. Thanks John Tuyen, Sanja Vukosavljevic, Simon Luisi and Yang Tjew.

Thanks also to all the participants wzho helped make of this event the success that it was.

Interviews with Jim Gerwing, GMM Johnny Briones and Ezequiel Valenzuela:

Interview with Ezequiel

Interview with Johnny Briones

Interviews with Jim Gerwing


The 2018 medals and trophy for September 1


$50 First prize winner for the new Canadian Memory Champion. Books to be given away as well as other prizes.


Two copies of each of these books will be awarded as prizes.

1533080447290_20180731_174543_0001* Beginners, Junior, kids, new people pay $5.

Grand Master of Memory Johnny Briones has informed us of his intention to compete in the Open Section. This will be the first time an American Grand Master of Memory  competes in a memory competition in Canada.



CMC 2018 MP Capture

The scores above reflect the best ever results achieved by Canadian Competitors at a Canadian Memory Championship. For more details on how we calculated these points please check this link 2018 Millennium-points-of-the-Canadian-Memory-Championships.

The scores below reflect the best ever results achieved in the Open Section of the Canadian Memory Championships. The points were calculated using the 2018 Millennium-points-of-the-Canadian-Memory-Championships.

Open Millennium Points 2018Capture

2017 Provincial winners and Province bestsCapture

 2017 top 10 provinciallyCapture

kd 2017 tp5 provincial


Free Memory Tutorial Meetings

In preparation for the 2019 Canadian Memory Championship, we are organizing free memory tutorial club meetings, led by a memory technique expert. This is now a monthly meeting on Saturdays, in a downtown Toronto Library to help people improve their memories. Space is limited. Reserve your seat at [email protected] for the Toronto meetings.

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  1. Emmanuel Martin-Jean

    Hello ! I wanted to know if the championship is an open event ? I would like to film and interview people in for a documentary project.

    Thank you.

  2. Simon Luisi

    Yes, spectators are welcome and you can bring a camera with you. You are free to talk to contestants but they are also free not to talk to you; typically, memory athletes prefer to be left alone in the minutes prior to the competition to save their mental energies.

  3. Selim

    Hi ! I am Selim I am interesting with Memory championships I am from Afghanistan But leaving in Turkey. I was attend on Turkey Memoriad Championship which take place on first of October in İstanbul. I make the first degree on speed cards category by 72. second. Now I want to attend to 2017 Canada Memory Championship Could you direct me what must I do Now.
    Thanks already for your help.

  4. Simon Luisi

    Hi Selim, the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships does not have a definite date or location set yet and the registration is not open yet. I will notify you once we open the registration.

  5. Simon Luisi

    For the provincial competitions, there is a registration form in the resource tab. Once completed, you just email it to [email protected]
    Never mind the registration deadline: The situation is unusual right now in Ontario because we have a central location for this event and there will not be any individual events. In light of this, we’ve decided to allow late competitor registrations for the Metro Hall competition only.

  6. Nahee KIM

    Hi ,
    I have kids who are 10 and 15 years old and like to help and train them how to remember things better,
    Is there any place or website for preparing for this memory champion?


  7. Simon Luisi

    Sorry about taking so long to answer. It went in the spam folder. Yes, you can help your kid improve and one of the best way is to participate in a memory cimpetition. Lucky for you the 2019 Manitoba Provincial Memory Championship registration is now open.

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