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Montreal: 200 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, room SH-3620

Edmonton:  Aspen Conf. Centre, #202, 10104 – 103 Avenue

 The date of the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships is now set for Saturday September 2, 2017

For your information, we are currently planning a dual Canadian Memory Championships for 2017,  with one competition taking place in Edmonton and the other taking place simultaneously in Montreal.  This simultaneous competition, at these two locations, will feature the same  4 Memory Disciplines that we had in 2016.  In 2017, we will have our first Eastern and Western Canadian Memory Champions along with the overall new 2017 Canadian Memory Champion.

La date pour le Championnat de la mémoire canadien 2017 est maintenant fixée pour le samedi 2 Septembre 2017

Cette année, nous planifions un Championnat de la mémoire Canadien qui se produira à deux locations simultanément: Edmonton et Montréal. Quatre disciplines de mémoire seront offertes: numéros éclair, cartes éclair, 15 minutes mots aléatoires et 5 minutes noms et faces (noir et blanc). Nous allons obtenir nos premiers champions de l’est et de l’ouest et le ou la plus fort(e) obtiendra le titre de Champion de mémoire canadien 2017!

The 2017 Ontario Memory Championship

Toronto– June 25/2017  Metro Hall- Congratulations to Eric Yucong Li for winning the event and the title of 2017 Ontario Memory Champion. With the favorites unable to make it to the competition, Eric showed that perseverance does pay off.  His time of 2 minutes 19 seconds is more than twice as fast as his former best competitive score achieved in the 2015 CMC.  His victory was not as easy as the scores may suggest, with Jeremy managing a faster time on the first attempt but he was unable to reconstruct the deck perfectly. Howsikan Kugathasan finished in second place with 24 cards at each of his attempts after starting training with memory techniques less than 2 months ago!  Congratulations to all participants.




2017  Ontario Kid’s Section

Mississauga- Six kids competed  on Thursday June 8 for the title of 2017 Ontario Kid Memory Champion at Tomken Road Middle School, 3200 Tomken Rd, (Library).

According to Jeremy Valenciuk, the awesome teacher who made this competition possible, all went really well. The students had worked really hard all year and were extremely enthusiastic for the event.

Ryan Shrestha successfully memorized 15 cards at his second attempt to win the title and set the new memory record for the Kid’s Section in Ontario.  Congratulations to all the students for their courage in participating in this demanding challenge!

Also a big thank to the many volunteers: Nicole D’Alessandro, John Lam, Katherine Arbuthnot and especially Jeremy Valenciuk who made this event possible.


Contestant group photo Memory Competition Tomken 2017 (9)

Ontario Kids 2017Capture


Congratulations to David Russell for winning the first ever Manitoba Memory Championship!


Winnipeg– May 30/2017. As of today, we have our first ever memory champion for Manitoba, David Russell.  He established the first memory record of Manitoba by memorizing 21 Cards correctly in 5 minutes! David brings much enthusiasm to our sport and worked hard on his PAO system to succeed in setting this first memory record for Manitoba! He hopes that his participation will encourage others in Manitoba to participate. Congratulation David!

IMG_5365 (3)

David’s team of volunteer Arbiters. Thank you!






Free Memory Tutorial Meetings

In preparation for the 2017 Canadian Memory Championship, we are organizing free memory tutorial club meetings, led by a memory technique expert. This is now a monthly meeting on Saturdays, in a downtown Toronto Library to help people improve their memories. Space is limited. Reserve your seat at contact@canadianmemorychampionships.ca for the Toronto meetings. If you live in Montreal, you can contact Francis Blondin at blondinos@hotmail.com or join the Facebook group “Mémorisation Montréal” at https://www.facebook.com/groups/247796952253411

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  1. Emmanuel Martin-Jean

    Hello ! I wanted to know if the championship is an open event ? I would like to film and interview people in for a documentary project.

    Thank you.

  2. Simon Luisi

    Yes, spectators are welcome and you can bring a camera with you. You are free to talk to contestants but they are also free not to talk to you; typically, memory athletes prefer to be left alone in the minutes prior to the competition to save their mental energies.

  3. Selim

    Hi ! I am Selim I am interesting with Memory championships I am from Afghanistan But leaving in Turkey. I was attend on Turkey Memoriad Championship which take place on first of October in İstanbul. I make the first degree on speed cards category by 72. second. Now I want to attend to 2017 Canada Memory Championship Could you direct me what must I do Now.
    Thanks already for your help.

  4. Simon Luisi

    Hi Selim, the 2017 Canadian Memory Championships does not have a definite date or location set yet and the registration is not open yet. I will notify you once we open the registration.

  5. Simon Luisi

    For the provincial competitions, there is a registration form in the resource tab. Once completed, you just email it to contact@canadianmemorychampionships.ca
    Never mind the registration deadline: The situation is unusual right now in Ontario because we have a central location for this event and there will not be any individual events. In light of this, we’ve decided to allow late competitor registrations for the Metro Hall competition only.

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